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General Knowledge About Pakistan Important Information

General Knowledge About Pakistan Important Information

Today in General Knowledge of Pakistan you will get General Knowledge About Pakistan Important Information.Below is all information about Pakistan.

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General Knowledge Pakistan:

• Longest tenure as Governor General was Ghulam Mohammad.
• Longest tenure as President was Ayub Khan.
• The Longest period of rule was of Zia.
• Longest tenure as PM was of Liaquat Ali
• Shortest tenure as PM of Ayub Khan (3 days) then Shujaat Hussain (47 days).
• Shortest tenure as President is of Bhutto.
• Shortest tenure as Governor General is of Quaid.
• Longest tenure as Governor General is of Ghulam Mohd:
• Largest library is Quaid-e-Azam library.
• Largest University is in Punjab.
• Oldest university is in Punjab.
• The only non-military Shaheed to receive Nishan-e-Haider was Subaidar Lalik Jan he belonged to NLI.
• The highest peak of Sulaiman mountains is Takht-e-Sulaiman.
• Highest peak is K2 (Goodwin Austin 5,611 meters)
• 2nd largest glacier of Pak: is Batura.
• Largest Island of Pak: is Manora.
• Smallest city is Jehlum.
• Longest tunnel rail= Khojak (2.43 miles) (Baluchistan), road=Lowari Tunnel (5 miles), water=Warsak Dam Tunnel (3.5 miles).
• The rainiest city is Rawalpindi.
• The rainiest place is Murree.

General Knowledge About Pakistan

• First Medical College was Nishtar Medical College.
• Smallest Dam is Warsak dam.
• The largest mountain range is Karakoram.
• First to receive Nishan-e-Hyder was Mohd: Sarwar Shaheed.
• First private airline of Pakistan is Hajvari.
• Pak’s Second largest city is Lahore.
• Abdur Rasheed was the first Chief Justice was the first chief justice of Pakistan.
• Zafarullah Khan was the first foreign minister of Pakistan.
• Keenjhar is the largest man made a lake in Pakistan.
• Manchar Lake is the biggest lake of Pakistan.
• Trich Mir is the highest peak of Hindu Kush.
• The largest coal mine is in Quetta.
• In Pakistan, first woman bank was established in the year 1989.
• Pakistan’s first geoscientific laboratory is functioning in Islamabad.
• The highest point of the Khyber Pass is Landhi Kotal.
• The first atomic power station of Pakistan was installed in Karachi.
• The First President of America who made an official visit to Pakistan was Dwight D. Eishenhower
• The largest airline is PIA.
• Largest airport is Quaid-e-Azam International Airport, Karachi.
• The largest canal is Lloyd Barrage Canal.
• Largest dam is Terbela.
• Largest desert is Thar.

General Knowledge About Pakistan

• Largest district is Khuzdar (Baluchistan).
• The largest industrial unit is Pak: Steel Mill.
• The largest industry is Textile.
• Largest island is Manora (Karachi)
• Largest Jungle is Changa Manga (Kasur).
• Largest lake (artificial) is Keenjhar.
• Largest lake (natural) is Manchar.
• Largest library is Punjab Public Library, Lahore.
• Largest mine is Salt Mines of Khewra.
• The largest motorway is Lahore-Islamabad.
• Largest museum is National Museum, Karachi.
• The largest circulated Urdu newspaper is Jang, English is The News.
• The largest nuclear reactor is KANUPP, Karachi.
• The largest oil field is Dhurnal Oil Field.
• The largest park is Ayub National Park, Rawalpindi.
• Largest Radio Station is Islamabad.
• Largest university is Punjab University, Lahore.
• Longest coast is of Baluchistan (771 km)
• A largest railway platform is of Rohri.
• Longest railway track: Karachi to Landi Kotal.
• Longest road: Karachi to Peshawar.
• A first TV station in Pakistan started at Lahore.
• Pakistan’s first radio station was set up at Karachi.

General Knowledge About Pakistan Important Information

• Iran was first to recognize Pakistan.
• Pakistan opened its first embassy in Iran.
• Egypt was first to open its embassy in Pakistan. (chk)
• The first governor of State Bank Zahid Hussain.
• First Lady governor Rana Liaquat Ali (Sindh) 1973-1976.
• First lady federal minister Vikarun Nisa Noor (Tourism).
• The first state to join Pakistan was Bahawul Pur, 1954.
• Pak: cricket team first visited England.(chk: India)
• The first captain of cricket team Abdul Hafeez Kardar.
• First century Nazar Mohammed against India in 1954 in Lacknow.
• First Woman University is located in Rawalpindi.
• The first governor of Punjab=Francis Moody.
• First CM of Punjab=Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot.
• First Governor of Sindh=Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah.
• First CM of Sindh=Ayub Khoro.
• First Governor of Baluchistan=Lt: General Riaz Hussain.
• First CM of Baluchistan=Attaullah Mengal.
• First Chief Justice of Pak: Sir Abdur Rasheed.
• First PM of Azad Kashmir=Abdul Hamid Khan.
• First President of AJK=Sardar Ibrahim Khan.
• First Commander-in-Chief of Pak: Army was Frank Miservi.
• First chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee was General Mohd: Sharif.
• The first chief of Staff of armed forces was General Tikka Khan.

General Knowledge About Pakistan Important Information

• First governor State Bank was Zahid Hussain.
• The first daily newspaper is Amroz 1947.
• First lady pilot was Shukriya Khanum.
• The first museum of Pak established in Karachi in 1950.
• First Bank was United Bank (7th August 1947)
• First Agriculture Reforms in Pak: Jan: 24, 1959.
• First Chief Election Commissioner of Pak: Mr. Khan F.M.Khan (25th March 1956)
• Election Commission was created on 23rd March 1956 under Article 137 of 1956 constitution.
• First Muslim Commander in Chief of Pak: Ayub Khan.
• First Radio Station established was of Karachi.
• First T.V station was setup at Lahore on Nov: 26, 1964.
• First lady Lady Major General in Pak: Dr. Shahida Malik.
• First Space satellite was launched by Pak: in 1990.
• First private TV Channel STN launched in 1990.
• First Chairman Senate was Habibullah Khan.
• First woman judge of High Court: Majida Rizvi.
• First constructed barrage of Pak: Sukkur Barrage.
• First Secretary General of Pak: Ch: Mohd: Ali.
• Agro museum is at Lailpur.

General Knowledge About Pakistan Important Information

• First biogas plant was installed in 1974.
• First woman bank established on Dec: 1, 1989.
• Badshahi mosque built in 1670 A.D.
• Designation of GG changed into President on 23rd March 1956.
• Largest Hockey stadium is National Hockey Stadium Lahore.
• First minority minister of Pak: Joginder Nath Mandal held the portfolio of law.
• First Atomic Reactor established in Islamabad in 1956. (chk).
• Largest railway tunnel is Khojak.
• Smallest dam of Pak: Warsak dam.
• Largest fort of Pak: “Rani Kot”.
• City Bank is the largest bank in the country.(chk: Habib Bank)
• Nishan-e-Pak: is the highest civil award of Pak:
• The second highest civil award is Hilal-e-Pak:
• Ayub National Park (Rawalpindi) is the largest Park in Pakistan.
• Karachi National Museum is the biggest in Pak:
• The largest Railway station is Lahore.
• Highest Pass is Muztag Pass which connects Gilgit to Xinkiyang.
• The largest canal is Lloyd Barrage Canal or Sukkur Barrage or Lance Down Pull built in 1936.

General Knowledge About Pakistan Important Information

• Largest Cement Plant is Lucky Cement Plant near Luki Marwat.
• The largest road is Shahrah-e-Pak:
• The shortest river is Ravi.
• Smallest division is Karachi.
• Largest division is Kalat.
• The largest division of Sindh is Therparkar.
• Habib Bank Plaza Karachi has 23 stories (345 ft)
• Minar-e-Pak is 196 ft, 8 inches high.
• Pakistan has its longest boundary with Afghanistan.
• Pakistan is 34th largest country in the world, 6th population wise.
• The smallest civil award is Tamg-e-Khidmat.
• The first census of Indo-Pak: 1881.
• Highest dam is Mangla dam.
• Pak: expedition to Antarctica reached on 5 Jan 1991 established Jinnah Research Station.

Official Name

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan General Knowledge

· Father of the Nation      Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948)
· National Poet                  Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938)
· Head of the State           Mamnoon Hussain, President
· Head of Government     Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister
· Capital                              Islamabad
· Area Total                                          796,095 Sq. km.
Punjab                                                  205,344 Sq. km.
Sindh                                                    140,914 Sq. km.
North West Frontier Province           74,521 Sq. km.
Balochistan                                         347,190 Sq. km.
Federally Administered Tribal Areas 27,220 Sq. km.
Islamabad (Capital)                            906 Sq. km.
· Population                                       149.03 million

General Knowledge About Pakistan

Administrative Setup:
Pakistan is divided into four provinces viz., North West Frontier Province (NWFP), Punjab, Sindh, and Balochistan. The tribal belt adjoining NWFP is managed by the Federal Government and is named FATA i.e., Federally Administered Tribal Areas. Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas have their own respective political and administrative machinery, yet certain of their subjects are taken care of by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas. Provinces of Pakistan are further divided into Divisions and Districts.

Divisions || Districts

NWFP            7,           24
Punjab           8,            34
Sindh             5,            21
Balochistan    6,           22

General Knowledge About Pakistan

While FATA consist of 13 Areas/Agencies and Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas have 7 and 5 Districts respectively.
· Religion                 95% Muslims, 5% others.
· Annual Per capita income      Rs. 28,933 (US $ 492 approximately)
· GDP          5.1%
· Currency        Pak. Rupee.

General Knowledge About Pakistan

  • Imports
    Industrial equipment, chemicals, vehicles, steel, iron ore, petroleum, edible oil, pulses, tea.
  • Exports
    Cotton, textile goods, rice, leather items carpets, sports goods, handicrafts, fish and fish prep. and fruit
    · Languages
    Urdu (National) and English (Official)
    · Literacy rate
    · Government
    Parliamentary form
    · Parliament
    Parliament consists of two Houses i.e., the Senate (Upper House) and the National Assembly (Lower House).
    The Senate is a permanent legislative body and symbolizes a process of continuity in the national affairs. It consists of 100 members. The four Provincial Assemblies, Federally Administered Tribal Areas and Federal Capital form its electoral college.
    The National Assembly has a total membership of 342 elected through adult suffrage (272 general seats, 60 women seats, and 10 non-Muslim seats).· Pakistan National Flag.
    Dark green with a white vertical bar, a white crescent and a five-pointed star in the middle. The Flag symbolizes Pakistan’s profound commitment to Islam, the Islamic world and the rights of religious minorities.
    General Knowledge About Pakistan
    · National Anthem
    Approved in June 1954
    Verses Composed by Abdul Asar Hafeez Jullundhri
    Tune Composed by Ahmed G. Chagla
    Duration: 80 seconds
    · State Emblem

    The State Emblem consists of:
    1. The crescent and star which are symbols of Islam
    2. The shield in the center shows four major crops
    3. Wreath surrounding the shield represents cultural heritage and
    4. Scroll contains Quaid’s motto: Unity Faith, Discipline

General Knowledge About Pakistan

· Pakistan’s Official Map
Drawn by Mian Mahmood Alam Suhrawardy (1920-1999)

· National Flower
· National Tree
Deodar (Cedrus Deodara).
· National Animal
· National Bird
Chakor (Red-legged partridge)
· Flora
Pine, Oak, Poplar, Deodar, Maple, Mulberry
· Fauna
The Pheasant, Leopard, Deer, Ibex, Chinkara, Black buck, Neelgai, Markhor, Marco-Polo sheep, Green turtles, River & Sea fish, Crocodile, Waterfowls

General Knowledge About Pakistan

· Popular games
Cricket, Hockey, Football, Squash.
· Tourist’s resorts
Murree, Quetta, Hunza, Ziarat, Swat, Kaghan, Chitral and Gilgit
· Archaeological sites
Moenjo Daro, Harappa, Taxila, Kot Diji, Mehr Garh, Takht Bhai.
· Major Cities
Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, Multan, and Sialkot
· Major Crops
Cotton, Wheat, Rice, and Sugarcane
· Agricultural Growth Rate
4.15% in 2002-03
· Total cropped area
22.0 million hectares
· Industry
Textiles, Cement, Fertilizer, Steel, Sugar, Electric Goods, Shipbuilding
· Energy
Major sources
Electricity (Hydel, Thermal, Nuclear) Oil, Coal, and Liquid Petroleum Gas
Power Generating Capacity
18,062 MW

General Knowledge About Pakistan

· Health
Basic Health Units (BHUs)
Maternity & Child Health Centres
Rural Health Centres (RHCs)
Tuberculosis (TB) Centres
Hospital Beds
Doctors (registered)
Dentists (registered)
Nurses (registered
Lady Health Workers

· Education
Primary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Arts & Science Colleges
Professional Colleges
Public Sector (including one WomenUniversity)
Private Sector

· Transport & Communication
Total length of roads
251,845 km
Pakistan Railway network
7,791 km
Railway stations
Pakistan International Airlines
Covers 33 international and 21 domestic stations with a fleet of 44 planes.
Major Airports
8 (Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad and Gwadar)

· Seaports
2 (Karachi and Bin Qasim.)
Fish Harbours-Cum-Mini Ports
3 (Minora, Gawadar, and Keti Bandar)

General Knowledge About Pakistan

· Communications
Post Offices
Telephone connections
Public Call Offices
Telegraph offices
Internet Connections
1.9 million

· Employment
Total Labour force
42.38 million
Employed Labour Force
39.41 million
Agriculture Sector
18.91 million
Manufacturing & Mining sector
4.51 million
2.25 million
5.27 million
1.97 million
Finance, Community & Social Services
5.90 million
5.87 million

· Media
Print Media (In accordance with Central Media List)

General Knowledge About Pakistan


News Agencies



PPI, NNI, On Line and Sana.

Electronic Media 

TV Centres
Five TV centers at Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta, and Karachi covering 88.58% population and 29 re-broadcasting stations.

Pakistan Television
4 channels (PTV-I, PTV-II (PTV World), PTV-III & PTV-IV)

Registered TV sets

Radio Stations
Total 25, Home services in 19 languages. External Services cover 81 countries in 15 languages
Radio stations 3, TV transmitter channels 3

Cable Operators


General Knowledge About Pakistan

· Banks
Central Bank
State Bank of Pakistan
Other Banks
National Bank of Pakistan
Habib Bank Ltd.
United Bank Ltd.
Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd.
Allied Bank of Pakistan Ltd.
First Woman Bank
Mehran Bank
The Bank of Punjab
Bank of Khyber
Specialized Banks
Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan
Federal Bank for Cooperatives
Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan
The Punjab Provincial Co-operative Bank

· Famous MountainPeaks
K-2 (Mt. Godwin Austin)
28,250 ft./8611 m (2nd in World)
Nanga Parbat
26,660 ft./8126 m (8th in World)
26,470 ft./8068 m (11th in World)

General Knowledge About Pakistan

· Famous Mountain Passes
The Khyber Pass
The KurramPass
The TochiPass
The GomalPass
The Bolan Pass
The LowariPass
Chitral (NWFP)
The KhunjrabPass
Northern Areas

General Knowledge About Pakistan

· Rivers

The Indus

2,896 km

825 km

1,242 km

901 km

1,551 km
Beas (tributary of Sutlej)

398 km

· Famous Glaciers
75 km
55 km
65 km

General Knowledge About Pakistan

· Deserts

· Lakes
Northern Areas
Northern Areas

· Major Dams
Mangla Dam
Tarbela Dam
Warsak Dam

General Knowledge About Pakistan Important Information

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