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All Basic Scientific Units Everyday Science MCQs Paper

All Basic Scientific Units Everyday Science MCQs Paper

Today in Everyday Science MCQs you will get All Basic Scientific Units Everyday Science MCQs Paper.Below are the Basic Scientific units for the preparation for everyday science mcqs fpsc,ppsc,kppsc and NTS.

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1- ampere————————–electric current
2-angstrm———————–unit of length for the measurement of wavelength
3-bar—————————–unit of atmospheric pressure
4-bel—————————-unit of intensity of sound
5-calorie————————measurement of quantity of heat
6-candle power————–illuminating power of a source of light
7-centigrade——————unit of temperature
8-centimeter—————–unit of length
9-coulomb———————–electric charge
11-dioptre———————-power of lens
12-dyne————————unit of force
13-electron volt————-unit of energy
14-erg————————–unit of work
15-farad———————-electric capacity
16-farady———————electric charge
17-gauss———————-magnetic induction
18-gram————————unit of mass
19-gram wt——————–gravitational unit
20-henry———————-unit of induction
21-horse power————–unit of power
22-joule———————–practical unit of work
23-kg—————————unit of mass
24-kilowatt——————–unit of electrical power
25-knot————————-unit of speed
26-kilowatt-hour————-practical unit of electrical power
27-lambert——————–unit of brightness
28-light year——————unit of distance for measuring astronomical distance
29-litre————————unit of volume capacity
30-lumen———————-luminous flux
31-lux————————–unit of intensity of lamination
32-maxwell——————–magnetic flux
33-meter———————-unit of distance
34-micro farad—————one millionth of a farad
35-millimicron—————-unit of length used in spectroscopy
36-newton——————–unit of work
37-oersted——————-unit of magnetic intensity
38-ohm————————unit of electrical resistance
39-poise———————-unit of viscosity
40-second——————-unit of time
41-volt————————practical unit of electric potential difference
42-watt———————–unit of power
43-weber———————unit of magnetic pole strength
44-x.u————————unit of length expressing x-ray wave length
45-gy-gray——————-absorbed radiation dose
46-mole———————–amount of substance
47-siemens——————-electric conductance
49-radian——————-plane angle
50-tesla———————magnetic flux density
52-sievert——————radiation dose equivalent
53-steradian—————-solid angle
54-bacquerel—————activity of radionuclide
55-rutherford————–rate of decay of radioactive material
58-sved berg unit———-sedimentation rate
60-roentgen—————–radiation exposure x ray
62-barrel——————-unit of liquid capacity
63-carat——————–unit for measuring mass of precious metal
64-clusec——————power of vacuum pump
65-dalton——————-atomic mass unit
67-megaton—————-explosive power of nuclear weapon
68-morgon——————orbitray unit used in genetics
67-ounce——————–unit of mass
68-rad————————absorbed radiation dose
69-ryberg——————–atomic unit of energy
70-btu————————unit of heat
71-candela——————-luminous intensity
73-persec——————–astronomical unit
74-cusec———————volumetric rate of flow

All Basic Scientific Units Everyday Science MCQs Paper

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